MIT claims ecomagination Challenge grant

The team from MIT has won the ecomagination Challenge with a solar-powered refueling station and biodiesel processor. We told you about the Ecomagination Challenge in January. It's a competition between college teams sponsored by mtvU and General Electric. Students were challenged to propose projects to green up their campus.

MIT will get a $25,000 eco-grant and also be host for a free mtvU Earth Day concert with Angels & Airwaves.

Called biodiesel@MIT, the project was selected by experts and from votes cast online. The idea is to create the nation's first university solar-powered refueling station that converts waste vegetable oil to biodiesel. Needs for the project include a biodiesel processor, building a photovoltaic array and training student-led staff to oversee the operation. The project looks to go online later in the year. Check out the ecomagination Challenge website for videos and more information.


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