eBay Motors is for wimps: Grassroots Marketplace launches for hardcore among us

We love eBay Motors and can literally waste spend hours sifting through its vehicle offerings. At heart, however, it's an auction house for the mass populace, not die-hard auto enthusiasts. Grassroots Motorsports, perhaps our favorite buff book produced in the U.S., has just opened the Grassroots Marketplace to cater to those die-hard auto enthusiasts who aren't interested in wading through all those Toyota Siennas and Chevy Aveos on eBay Motors.

The site offers auctions as well as standard-issue classified ads (which are currently FREE to post for a limited time) for vehicles, parts and automobilia. Because it's new, there isn't a ton of offerings yet, but some killer classifieds have already popped up. Witness the CRX turbo project car from Road & Track. Or how about the Porsche 996 that helped kick off Grand Am racing with the series' first recorded victory. How about a spec Miata racer that just won last weekend? Hopefully the online marketplace will flourish, because for many sellers it's nice to know that you're prized ride will be going to someone of the same ilk who appreciates your most precious metal.

Thanks for the tip, amp!

[Source: Grassroots Motorsports]

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