Deronda Type-F: Detroit-built bomber

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For those going to Sebring this weekend for the kickoff of the ALMS racing season, you might catch yourself doing a double take when you see this little rocket. What at first may appear to be an Ariel Atom is in fact the new Deronda. Never heard of it? Neither had we. The Deronda is another British project that is making its way to the States. The car is making its public debut at Sebring International Raceway, which seems appropriate as this sub-category of sports cars looks like abandoned Formula 1 cars that have had some basic road requirements added to make them streetable. The formula is simple: use a basic tube frame chassis with double wishbone suspension all around, keep it light with grippy tires and add a decent amount of power. The result is a car that should provide the elemental thrills of a superbike with the surefootedness of a race car.

Although the design is British, the heart is German. The Deronda uses an Audi 1.8-liter, turbo 4 developed by Audi Cosworth Technology. In current tune, it is putting out 250hp. We know for a fact that this engine can easily achieve nearly twice surpass that amount of power after chipping and a few other mods, but 250 is plenty when you only have 1,600 pounds to move around. As it is, the Deronda should be good for a 0-60 in under four seconds. To further confuse the national identity of this rocket, the car will be built in Michigan, just outside Detroit. Autosport Development will handle the assembly in Trenton, Michigan, and the car will be distributed by Sirius Motorsports starting in May. No prices were available, but with Atom prices in the $40-50 thousand range, we expect the Deronda to be in the same ballpark.

[Source: Deronda USA via Winding Road]

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