The details (and pictures) on Bond's crashed Aston

We finally got to watch Casion Royale the other day and were very impressed with the new Bond – clearly a darker and more mature double-O than previous ones who were cast as cartoonish philanderers. In addition to the new Bond, the series also received a new cast member in the form of the Aston Martin DBS. The story of Aston's involvement in Casino Royale is interesting, considering the automaker needed to supply the film with cars a full two years ahead of the DBS reaching production. Of course, the majority of the four cars Aston Martin delivered to the production were completely destroyed for a scene in which Bond swerves to avoid steamrolling his lady love and enters into a series of seven barrel rolls. The scene's stuntwork was so successful that it entered the Guiness Book of World Records for achieving seven complete rolls, besting Top Gear, the previous record holder. Unfortunately, the end result of the wreck was a destroyed DBS. Brit mag EVO chronicles the story of Aston's involvement in Casino Royale here, and provides a series of shots showing the DBS before and after the crash. Surprisingly, the Aston Martin DBS still looks gorgeous after going end over end a record number of times. It just needs a little TLC to get back on its feet.

[Source: EVO]

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