Giugiaro Vadho studio shots emerge

The Motor Trend blog gave us a heads-up that thay've scored studio photos of the Geneva-bound Giugiaro Vadho concept car that popped onto everyone's radar last week. Looking like something you'd find in a Hot Wheels blister-pack, the Vadho's powered by the same V12 used in BMW's Hydrogen 7. Shifts come courtesy of the automaker's seven-speed SMG.

The driver and one passenger sit underneath the fighter jet-style canopy, and use joysticks (appropriate, given the aircraft-like seating arrangement) to control the car's drive-by-wire system. The engine is located to their right at the center of the car. Damon, Noah and special guest star Alberto Ballestin from Autoblog Spanish will bring you full coverage of this car and the rest of the goodies on display in Switzerland next week.

Head over to the MT blog to see a larger rear view of the Vadho concept.

[Source: Motor Trend blog]

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