Weber planning 250 mph supercar

click above image to view additional renderings of the upcoming Weber supercar

Auto parts supplier Weber Sportscars will be debuting a new member of the supercar club in April at the Top Marques Monaco Auto Show. The car will be constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber to acheive a weight of only 2,425 lbs. Thanks to a mid-mount supercharged 7.2L V8 and a slippery shape, Weber reportedly guarantees the car will reach a top speed of over 248 mph. 60 mph is expected to pass in just 2.7 seconds. The Weber supercar will be all-wheel drive in order to handle its tremendous power, and shifts will come via a six-speed gearbox with lightning fast 80 millisecond shifts. The car appears to be taking a page out of the Bugatti Veyron handbook, offering a luxurious leather and carbon fiber interior, top end audio system, navigation, an onboard camera and other niceties that will make the Weber supercar a perfect for the Monaco jet-set crowd in front of which it will debut. These renderings provide a glimpse of what the Weber supercar will look like, but they're a bit hyperbolic so we'll be waiting for live action shots of this supercar contender.

[Source: Motor Authority]
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