If you've got 'em, hang 'em from your bumper, or not!

Most people are content to just leave their trailer hitch bare when they aren't pulling anything. Most people are also content to keep their reproductive organs in their pants when they're driving. And then there are those that feel as though they must use their hitch to show the world what they wish they had. For that latter group, they created bumper-nuts. The name and the photo above are pretty self-explanitory, so any further elaboration would be even more egregious than the nuts themselves, although if you must know more I would highly recommend the discourse on the subject in Episode 64 of the Bob and AJ show, where topic is covered with all the required delicacy.

Now however, in the wake of a failed attempt to ban indecent mudflaps in Arizona, Maryland Delegate LeRoy Meyers Jr. has decided to try and castrate afficiandos of vehicular testes. Meyers' district has apparently been overrun with big balls (there is no word on whether drivers of such vehicles also tend to crank AC/DC) and he feels they are vulgur and immoral. He has introduced a bill to prohibit drivers from displaying anything that looks like "anatomically correct" or "less than completely and opaquely covered" human or animal genitals, human buttocks or female breasts. Fresh roadkill or deer hunting trophies would be exempted because they are apparently real. Are there no larger issues to address in Maryland than trying to legislate bad taste?

[Source: Washington Post]

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