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Families now have fleets of vehicles - with teens in SUVs

One of the many unfortunate side-effects of the ever-increasing suburban sprawl in America, is that fact that it's almost impossible to get anywhere without a vehicle. As more families have busy, conflicting schedules and teenagers grow up, they want cars of their own so they can get around. In 2005, more than 21 million households had more than 2 cars, and almost 2 million had five or more cars. It's no wonder that so many houses in new subdivisions have three-car garages.

Of course, managing and paying for insurance, registration, fuel and maintenance for all those vehicles takes a lot of time and money and consumes a lot of fuel. Worst of all, is that so many parents seem to think it's a good idea to buy their teenagers an SUV. These things use too much fuel and their poor handling characteristics are the last thing that should be put in the hands of young, inexperienced drivers that have a higher than average tendency to drive too fast.

[Source: Los Angeles Times via Detroit News - no registration req'd]

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