Geneva Preview: Brabus unveiling two smart fortwo models

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We expected Brabus to come along with hot rod version of the new smart fortwo model, but the German tuner will actually be bringing two models two Geneva: the fortwo Brabus and fortwo Brabus Xclusive. The smart fortwo Brabus gives the European motoring public what it has come to expect from the company, a high-performance version of the fortwo sporting a 98bhp/103 ft-lbs. of torque version of the car's three-cylinder engine. That 103 ft-lbs. of torque is 100% available to your right foot at 5,500 RPM, but considering the car weighs only 1,700 lbs. or so, the estimated 0-62 mph time of under ten seconds seems reasonable. The car is lowered 15 mm on a Brabus tuned sport suspension and tucks a larger set of "Monoblock VI" wheels within wider fender flares. A sport exhaust system and new fog lights round out the exterior package. The inside of fortwo Brabus also gets a number of new styling cues straight from the Brabus handbook of tuning: a new shift knob, pedals and hand brake handle.

The smart fortwo Brabus Xclusive, meanwhile, focuses on luxury in addition to sport. It gets all the aforementioned goodies of the standard fortwo Brabus, plus a new front spoiler, side skirts and tinted clear glass headlights. Your bum will be warmed by heated leather seats and shifts can be snapped off in a hurry thanks to a new three-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters. The Xclusive also gets special head/thorax airbags as standard equipment. Unlike most two-toned fortwos, the Xclusive will only be available in all black or all silver.

[Source: smart via eMercedesBenz]
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