eBay Find of the Day: The Talon Riot Control Vehicle from Top Gear

While much of the motoring public has been turning away from the brawny image of large SUVs, there are those among us (Texans?) who will always believe bigger is better. To those people, the Talon Riot Control Vehicle would be considered the best weapon for suburban warfare. It was featured once on Top Gear in which Richard Hammond demonstrated the armored vehicle's unique capabilities. Neighborhood kids dropping malatov cocktails on your front lawn? No problem, the Talon can be fitted with a water cannon to put out the flames and a grenade launcher to ensure those kids will learn their lesson. In its current state the Talon has been decommissioned and comes with those aggressive add-ons wound in bubble wrap and stored in the rear, though the seller says it can be refitted with them easily. The Talon can still, however, drive through a building, as the Hamster demonstrates in this video, and keep right on going. There's even a fridge and bathroom on board in case you battle with the spouse and need some place to crash. This isn't the first time the Talon has found its way on eBay. It appears that back in 2003 it was sold on the site for somewhere around $85,000. With only 19 hours left to go on the current auction and no reserve price in sight, this thing is going to be a steal at or around the current bid price of $10,000.

Great tip, Josh!

[Source: eBay]

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