eBay Find of the Day: 1976 Custom Cloud

For those of you who thought that Chinese automakers invented the cheap knock off, this Rolls Monte Carlo is for you. Back in 1976, a company called Custom Cloud built 200 Rolls Royce look-alike kits for, of all vehicles, a 1976 Monte Carlo coupe. Rolls Royce rightfully got a cease-and-desist court order to stop production and destroy the remaining kits, which makes this cheesy and bizarre looking thing certifiably rare. The exterior shape was achieved with the use of fiberglass, which has retained its shape and sheen. The interior is a design statement of its own, with a maroon-carpeted dash and seating surfaces. The Monte Carlo is said to have 67,000 miles on it and the Chevy 350 V8 runs well.

It's not worth telling you where the bidding is at since the price has changed three times while writing the post, so you'll have to check here. While we can't say anybody would ever mistake this beauty as a Rolls Royce, we can say that you'll probably get quite a few stares.

[Source: eBay]

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