RR of the Day: 1993 Mazda RX-7

We sure do love us some FDs. Yes, the turbo rotary is a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the slightest hint of ping to send shards of that wonderful Wankel through the hood, and yes, the engine has to be rebuilt every 40-60k miles, but if you had to pick a vehicle from the 90s (hell, even today) to attack a road course or autocross, the RX-7 is it.

Thankfully, there are a few intelligent individuals that understand the volatility of the turbo'd RX-7 and they tend to keep the modifications to a minimum. One of these smart chaps is ebaine1, the owner of this red 1993 example.

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He stuffed a new 13B-TT into his FD about 6,000 miles back and began making a few choice additions to get the most of his RX. A new intake manifold, downpipe and catback exhaust takes care of the breathing duties, but with the extra flow, eblaine realized that some serious management of the AFR was in order. When he installed a new aluminum radiator, he opted to bypass the stock ECU and instead, rely on an Apex'I PowerFC, one of the best aftermarket 'puters available.

Mr. Blaine admits that RX-7s are a scarce commodity where he lives in Kansas and considering that he's only put about 1,000 miles on his whip since last April, it's a rare treat for his neighbors every time he takes it out of the garage.

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