GM releases pics of Z71 package on GMT900 SUVs

Without so much as an accompanying press release, General Motors released a slew of new images yesterday that show us what the Z71 off-road package looks like on two of the three GMT900 model SUVs. The Avalanche, Tahoe and Suburban are available with a Z71 package that adds, of course, the Z71 off-road suspension, new 18-inch aluminum wheels mounted on combination on-/off-road tires, an automatic locking rear diff, and high-pressure shocks. That's it for the hardcore mechanicals, though buyers who opt for the Z71 package are as much interested in the image these vehicles project as they are their capability. To that end, Chevy adds the Skid Plate Package, oversized wheel arch flares, tubular assist steps, extra bits of chrome trim, and rectangular fog lamps, along with the requisite Z71 badging so everyone knows you could go off road if you wanted to. The interiors benefit from a Z71-specific gauge cluster and brushed metal look for the dash. The Z71 package certainly adds some cajones to these GMT900 SUVs that will spend most of their lives on smooth pavement, and they also add some serious attitude, especially when ordered in all black.

Check out all the newly released images in our galleries for the Avalanche Z71 and Suburban Z71, as well as new galleries for the 2008 Tahoe Hybrid, Avalanche LTZ, Tahoe LTZ and Suburban LTZ.

[Source: GM]

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