Bank of America and Google offers employees cash for buying green cars

If you happen to work for either Google or Bank of America, and you were thinking of buying a hybrid vehicle, you're in luck. Both companies are offering cash back to their employees if they buy a hybrid car. As we noted, on February 2nd, Bank of America announced that their employees would be eligible for $3,000 back for buying green. Since starting a pilot program in the Boston area last year, the bank has seen hybrid purchases by their employees quadruple. The rebate is in addition to any tax credits that are available on the car, and employees can only get the rebate one time.

Google's offer is even sweeter: $5,000 if your car gets more than 45 mpg. It's been offered for a while, but we wanted to mention it again, to give the BoA deal some comparison.

[Source: via eGMCarTech]

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