Yet even more on the Subaru Impreza's new look

So speculation about the new look of the Subaru Impreza continues unabated. This time, the images come courtesy of an unnamed Japanese car mag, with renderings that look all-too lifelike.

The images we've seen thus far (linked at the bottom) show the new nose getting a smoothed, yet mildly awkward nip and tuck, while these images seem to have more of basis with the current shnoz, rather than an outright redesign. The tautly drawn headlamps are far and away the trickest element we've seen and the downsized hoodscoop, integrated with the subtle power bulge, also gets our thumbs up.

In the rear, the WRC-inspired wing is present and accounted for and, at least with this rendering, we see how it's going to be incorporated with the new hatch. It still looks cumbersome from a design standpoint and will provide a serious impediment to rearward visibility if it makes it to production.

As we've said before, time will tell, and the Impreza's official unveiling is just over a month away in New York. We'll be there and we can't wait.

Follow the read link for the rest of the images and thanks for the tip Brooksie!

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