IBM and OESA to hold automotive industry brainstorming jam

IBM has been running brainstorming 'jams' for years now, I remember them myself from my days with Big Blue. Until now though, the ecosystem of automotive suppliers has yet to take advantage of these online brainstorming session where thousands of people from hundreds of organisations come together, via online discussion, to identify solutions to common industry challenges and concerns. IBM is teaming up with the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) to hold the first ever Automotive Supplier Jam from March 7-10 to bring together the collective thinking and "brain power" of the North American automotive supplier industry.
The Jam will provide a variety of discussion forums under four themes; driving growth, profitable prosperity, collaborating for more (tackling the intricate array of relationships within the supplier value network and how to get more out of these), and eye on the future (focused on a number of future based topics including industry reconfiguration and social impacts). Eye on the future will include discussion forums on designing for a better planet, and promoting corporate and social responsibility.

Analysis: There are a lot of smart people working in isolation in fields as massive as the automotive supplier industry, bringing them together provides the opportunity to reach innovative solutions in a more timely manner. With environmentally-friendly products providing a marketing edge these days, hopefully designing for a better planet will receive most attention.

[Source: OESA]

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