Chicago Auto Show: Go Army! Military vehicles on display

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As recruiting tools go, these are some closers! They should be enough to get just about any job done, on the battlefield or in the recruiting office. After wandering around the manufacturer displays, and seeing a few aftermarket and specialty booths, coming upon an AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter can take your breath away. Or a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. And to see the two of them together, with an International military transport, a Hummer and even an OCC Army themed chopper can instantly transport a grown man back to his youth, playing soldier in the dirt out back. Regardless of your stand on the current world situation, or where your political beliefs put you, as car people we know these high-horsepower fighting machines make an impression. And not just the impression left by their 20mm canons or TOW missiles. The Go Army/Army Strong stand gave all of us a chance to feel like kids again -- until we tried to scale the rock wall and came crashing back to reality.

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