Forget Bullitt! Electric scooter helps deputy chase down thieves in mall

We were introduced to the T3Motion electric scooter while covering the Orange County Auto Show last fall. Officials told us that the three-wheeler was designed with security and police patrols in mind. Now the company's marketers have a great true-detective story to promote.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Lasley was on duty at a mall food court in Palmdale, which is just north of LA in the high desert. When a pair of teens told him that they had been robbed, Lasley used his T3 to scour two parking lots before collaring the suspects. Lasley said the scooter saved him time, even though the scooters loaned to the sheriff has its top speed reduced from 25mph down to 18mph.

According to Lasley, the high-profile driving position is helpful during patrolling and the scooters are helpful in promoting better relations with the public.

I still want to see an assault version for the SWAT teams.

[Source: Gideon Rubin / LA Daily News]

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