eBay find of the day: Lost sketches of Delorean super luxury sedan

A few months back we told you about 10 pages of sketches done by John Delorean in 1980 that wound up on eBay. Well, this time 24 more pages of Delorean notes are up for auction dating all the way back to 1976. The sketches show details of a still-born DMC super luxury sedan that could easily be on the market today. Delorean's scribbles suggest air bags, a $49,999 price tag, front-wheel drive, carbon fiber door reinforcements, and a turbocharged rotary engine, among other ideas. Some of the notations like "special tires" are kind of funny, but how cool is it to have the doodles of what some consider to be an automotive visionary on a couple dozen pages of college ruled? The sedan would have used a Citroen CX chassis and could have been assembled with Bricklin or Jensen.

The sketches in the notes do expose Delorean as a lousy drawer, but the ideas are very fresh. A Gucci interior or promotional deals with famous athletes are thoughts that pop up today. Since the vehicle never saw the light of day, we can only speculate on where the Flux Capacitor would have been located. The trunk seems logical.

[Source: Winding Road]

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