Tesla Roadster named 2007 Car to Be Seen In

It's funny that a car no one physically possesses yet has been named the 2007 Car to Be Seen In. Nevertheless, the all-EV Tesla Roadster was crowned by Lucire (a New Zealand-based but internationally known fashion magazine) as the total hotness for 2007. Sure, only 100 have been sold and they won't be delivered until later in the year, but those lucky 100 owners will be the coolest cats in town for a few months before the ball falls in Times Square again. Kidding aside, it is hard to argue with Lucire's selection. The Tesla is shaping up to be a car that will completely change the game, bringing battery power to the masses in a digestible form that asks its owners to sacrifice nothing by foregoing a gas guzzler.

The Tesla did beat some pretty stiff competition, which includes the Mercedes-Benz CLS, Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, Ford Mondeo, Ford S-Max, Volvo C30 and Audi R8. We'd like to be seen in any of those vehicles, even the Fords that look a bit out of place on this list.

Thanks for the tip, Jack!

[Source: Lucire]

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