You didn't think the only commercial General Motors would air during the big game on Sunday would be a spot made by a bunch of college kids, did you? No, GM has its own ad in the works that won't have to work hard to beat the flop it fielded last year. A 30-second preview of the ad has been released on YouTube, and it appears the ad is for General Motors as a whole and not any one specific brand. The star of the spot is Robot, an articulating mechanical arm with some serious self-esteem issues that works in a GM assembly plant. Turns out that the little guy doesn't know what to do with himself when the cars he helps assemble roll off the factory floor. He's so distraught that he takes a job as a drive-thru order box, and then pitches himself off a roof to end it all. It's funny, but a little strange, too. Not that the ad agency intended this, but it feels like you're watching a union member who just lost his job. It's just a preview, however, so we'll wait until the full 60-second version airs on Sunday to pass judgment. Once it goes live, you'll also be able to check it out by visiting this site.

[Source: One of GM's many ad agencies]

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