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Corvette Starter Kit - CHEAP!

Another eBay gem. The seller is exceedingly honest about what he's offering; a mostly picked-over carcass. There really isn't much left, and we're wondering if the busted up windshield is the result of a rollover. While putting wheels back under this tub would be a monumental undertaking, we know of nowhere else you could start negotiating on a 'Vette for a buck. Given the time, space and determination, you could be tooling around in a bargain-basement Vette come spring, after a long winter snowed-in in the garage. Thinking creatively, this hulk would make a great bed frame once treated to some Sawz-All love. Other uses could include: hot tub or kiddie pool, planter, trash receptacle, or koi pond.

Thanks to tipster Alan!

[Source: eBay]

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