The '08 Pathfinder's schnoz gets a smoothed-our grille and more pronounced below-the-bumper opening, but the big story is what can now be found behind the SUV's new face. Joining the familiar V6 is an optional 5.6L V8 that delivers 300 horsepower and a message to the domestics that Nissan's looking to swipe some of their V8 SUV customers. Count us as fans of those new 12-spoke wheels, too.

Inside, a reshaped center stack is home to the all new switchgear, including the same audio and climate controls found in the Armada. Navigation and a hard drive-based entertainment system are available as options, and you might notice that Nissan has ditched its squared-off shifter for a classier-looking rounded unit. Check it out after the jump.

We got an inkling that something new was coming for the Pathfinder when we saw a disguised one on the highway as we made our pre-dawn drive into Detroit proper for day 2 of NAIAS. While the changes are subtle, they look to be well-executed inside and out.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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