The WCOTY awards are kind of like the Miss Universe Pageant. Sure, the universe is bigger than America, but we Yanks just love rooting for our local gals in the Miss America Pageant ( Congrats, Miss Oklahoma!). In the same way, we're all a twitter to hear which models have won the North American Car and Truck of the Year awards, but the World Car of the Year awards presented at the New York International Auto Show in April often don't get the same attention (unless you count this). Well, let's change that by actually giving a hoot this year. The top ten finalists for the World Car and World Performance Car of the Year awards were announced today, and you can find both lists in full after the jump.

Audi managed to nab the most spots with the Q7 and TT being finalists for the WCOTY award and the RS4 and S6 on the list for the WPCOTY award. German automakers also dominated the list of finalists for the performance car award, with 6 out of 10 coming from either Audi, BMW or Porsche.

You may be wondering why very few domestics (U.S. domestics, that is) seem to be on either of these lists, and that's because to be eligible for either award a car has to be in production and sold in at least five countries on two continents. A panel of 45 jurors will pick the winners, which will be announced in April at the New York Auto Show.

Check out the full lists after the jump along with the WCOTY award press release.


World Car of the Year Announces Top 10 Finalists

New York, NY – (January 30, 2007): From an initial entry list of twenty-eight (28) new vehicles from all over the world, a short list of ten finalists for the third annual World Car of the Year (WCOTY) awards were announced by the international accounting firm KPMG. The winners of the 2007 WCOTY will be unveiled during Press Preview at the upcoming New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) on Thursday, April 5, 2007.

Vehicles are selected and voted on by an international jury panel comprised of 45 top-level automotive journalists from around the world. To be eligible, the car must be in production, and sold in at least five countries on two continents.

World Car - Top Ten Finalists:
The following Top Ten World Car finalists are listed below in alphabetical order:

World Performance Car - Top Ten Finalists
In addition, the following Top Ten World Performance Car finalists are:

The jurors' next steps are to re-evaluate the "Top Ten" cars in the above categories in preparation for a final round of voting on March 1st. Jury members will specifically rate each vehicle in terms of overall merit, value, safety, environmental responsibility, emotional appeal, and significance. KPMG will tabulate the vote results and the top three finalists will be announced no later than Thursday, March 8th, 2007.

There are no Top Ten finalists for World Green Car or for World Design of the Year. Instead, jurors will vote in those categories on March 1st. The Top Three finalists in all awards categories will then be announced on Thursday, March 8th.

The 2007 World Car of the Year, as well as the winners of the World Performance Car, World Green Car and World Car Design of the Year titles will all be declared on Thursday, April 5, 2007 during a press conference to be held at the New York International Auto Show.

"Announcing the annual World Car of the Year awards at the New York show is a fitting finale to the auto show season that begins each fall with either the Paris or Frankfurt motor shows," said Gerry Malloy, co-chair, WCOTY. "Next, it's on to Tokyo in alternating years. The Detroit show takes centre stage in January while Geneva claims the spotlight in March. Finally, in April, the season reaches its exciting climax at the New York International Auto Show."

About World Car of the Year
The World Car of the Year Awards program is initiated by, organized by, and conducted by, automotive journalists from around the globe. A non-profit association guided by a steering committee of journalists from Asia, Europe, and North America administers the awards program. WCOTY is intended to complement, not compete with, existing COTY awards by raising consumer awareness of regional Car of the Year award programs as well as the World Car of the Year.

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