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Tesla WhiteStar plant coming to ... somewhere in America

Michigan may have received the nod for Tesla's new Technical Center, but the location of the factory where future Tesla models will be built remains unknown. According to the Greensboro News-Record in North Carolina, the town of Alamance has been offering itself up like a, well, like a place ready for Tesla. But Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard won't tell where the plant will be, only that California, New Mexico and Arizona are the current frontrunners. Wherever this plant sets up shop, it'll make up to 13,000 of the upcoming WhiteStar sedans a year. In a nicely worded understatement, Eberhard told the News-Record that the WhiteStar is a four-door sedan that's less costly than the Roadster and a little less "hot." No kidding.

The regular production Roadster will start its life later this year in overseas plants, at a rate of a "few thousand" a year.

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[Source: Michelle Jarboe and Donald W. Patterson / Greensboro News-Record]

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