We were approached at the Detroit Auto Show early this month by some hardworking BBC folk who needed help producing a piece for air. The team decided it was a good idea to assist the production crew, exposure and all, and it was my sorry self that got thrown under the bus. So don my combination Autoblog / AOL Autos bowling shirt I did and head out on to the show floor with no idea what I was going to say or do on camera. The result is above and personally embarrasing on so many levels (is my voice really that high?). Nevertheless, the piece produced by the BBC turned out reasonably well for our international television debut. Don't ask me when it's going to air, I don't know. That's why we had them send us the video so we could air it here. Feel free to create drinking games based on my ticks and nervous behavior. We hear that's popular for this sort of thing ;)

[Source: BBC]

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