Geneva debut for Dodge roadster

Apparently Dodge hasn't completely given up on the the idea of a smaller cheaper sports car than the Viper. After showing a number of concepts over the last decade including the Copperhead, Slingshot and the Razor (shown above), Dodge may be showing off another new two seater at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. According to the UK-based website Autocar, Chrysler will unveil a Dodge-branded MX-5 clone with styling based on that of the 2002 Razor Concept. Unless Dodge were to build it based on the underpinnings of an existing vehicle like the Crossfire (itself based on the first generation Mercedes SLK) it probably wouldn't be economically viable. The Crossfire platform is probably too expensive for a car like this, and so it seems improbable that such a vehicle would ever come to market, although it sure would be fun to have another option.

[Source: Autocar]

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