TRD/Modellista Turbo Yaris revealed at TAS

Although the Yaris hasn't piqued the interest of small car enthusiasts Stateside as much as Honda's Fit, there is a large contingent of tuners in both Japan and Europe that have turned their attention to Toyota's sub-compact three- and five-door hatch.

For the Tokyo Auto Salon, Modellista and TRD wanted to tap into that enthusiasm and teamed up to create the Modellista Concept. Based off the standard Yaris (or Vitz if you hail from the Land of the Rising Sun), the two in-house tuners strapped a turbo to the 1.5-liter engine to produce 150 HP and 144 lb.-ft. of torque.

To handle the added oomph, they equipped the Yaris with a limited slip differential, as well as a new suspension setup that drops the hatch down about 20 mm. The 17-inch OZ wheels and four-piece body kit, complete with intercooler-friendly front fascia, accentuates the new stance.

According to AutoExpress, a version of this Yaris will go on sale in Japan within the next few months, although nothing was mentioned about European or American offerings.

Make the jump for a couple more pics.

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