Mulally pledges "One Ford" global design theme in 7 years

Ford's CEO, Alan Mulally has a vision. That vision can be summed up in two words "One Ford."

The idea behind the slogan is to create cars that will appeal to both American and European consumers, by utilizing a common design theme that would move beyond the three-bar infatuation of the U.S. and Ford of Europe's kinetic design language (which we don't want to see go anytime soon). It's safe to say that GM's recent rebadging of Europe's Opel lineup as Saturns may have inspired such a move.

Thankfully for Ford, one of the biggest hurdles to a global design – size – is becoming less of an issue, as European consumers are increasingly purchasing larger vehicles, once a mainstay of only American buyers.

However, certain challenges remain. One concern is that during the development of a global design language, there will be race to the middle; satisfying no one and everyone at the same time. North American design chief Peter Horbury, who's always good for a quote, said in Automotive News that, "The critical thing is to not design a car that would only sell in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean."

Certain regional tuning will still take place, with different suspension settings as well as slightly redesigned front fascias. But no matter where you are in the world, Ford wants you to be able to recognize a Blue Oval product from 50 yards out.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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