Too sane for a superbike? Check the RoadRazer

Over the past few years, it's become apparent that Colin Chapman's philosophy of speed through lightweight is not exclusive to the marque he helped to establish. The Ariel Atom seems to have garnered the most press recently, but a host of other minimalist, four-wheeled track toys are beginning to populate this uber-niche segment.

This latest addition is the RoadRazer, which at first glance seems to have more in common with a gravity racer than a piece of F1 inspired kit. Once you pull away the scorched orange paint, you'll be greeted with the telltale weave of carbon fiber, along with an aluminum honeycomb monocoque. Because of the extensive use of these lightweight materials, the RoadRazer barely tips the scales at 660 pounds.

While other manufacturers have opted to utilize engines from production automobiles, the RoadRazer crew looked towards the superbike world for motivation. A 180 HP, 1.3-liter Suzuki mill, pulled from the Hayabusa, resides behind the driver and his reluctant passenger. Gear selection is handled via steering wheel mounted paddles that link up to a six-speed sequential gearbox. With that much power, that many revs and about half the mass of an Atom, 60 MPH will come up in three seconds dead. Judging by the specs, there's little evidence to dispute that claim.

Although pricing hasn't been revealed, when we reported on the RoadRazer back in September, the sum of £49,000 (about $95k+) was being bandied about. We got some pricing straight from the source, and a turnkey example of the Razor will go for £35,000 (plus VAT) and £19,900 (plus VAT) for the Razor as a kit (minus the motorcycle parts and paint).

Follow the jump for a promotional video of the RoadRazer and be sure to check out the gallery.

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