2007 Barrett-Jackson: European Classics

Although Barrett-Jackson is now viewed as primarily a muscle car auction by most spectators, there was a time when European and American classics were their bread and butter lots. And if you scan the current catalog carefully you'll still see vestigial evidence of those days. In fact, several Euro classics are positioned in the featured tent, within spitting distance of the Mopars, Chevies, and Fords.

We found a pretty nice collection of Austin-Healeys, Jags and Ferraris arranged along one corner of the main tent annex. Beautiful cars in great condition, but sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the American iron. Our favorite of the bunch was the ex-A.J. Foyt Ferrari 512 BBi. Silver over black with a red interior, that classic Boxer shape still pulls at the proverbial heartstrings. There's a brief list of some of these classics after the jump and a full gallery of high res pics from Drew Phillips and Frank available by clicking on the pic above.

Lot Number 1232: 1972 FERRARI 365 GTC/4 SCAGLIETTI SPIDER red/tan
Lot Number 986: 1984 FERRARI 512 BBi COUPE silver/bordeaux
Lot Number 961.1: 1952 JAGUAR XK 120 FHC COUPE red/biscuit
Lot Number 987.1: 1953 JAGUAR XK 120 ROADSTER white/red
Lot Number 999: 1960 JAGUAR XK 150 DROPHEAD COUPE BRG/suede green
Lot Number 959.1: 1963 JAGUAR XKE SERIES I CONVERTIBLE white/red
Lot Number 975.1: 1965 JAGUAR E-TYPE ROADSTER golden sand/black
Lot Number 977: 1964 JAGUAR XKE ROADSTER coswold blue/navy/camel
Lot Number 976: 1964 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MARK III California sage/parchment
Lot Number 970.1: 1964 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MARK III gunmetal grey/red
Lot Number 958: 1961 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 BT7 Colorado red/black
Lot Number 1238: 1967 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MARK III metallic golden beige/red

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