Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #4: Winner announced! (Take two)

Due to my lapse of judgment during the incoherent hours we were covering the Detroit Auto Show this week, I accidentally chose a winner for our Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #4 a day early and announced it on the site. The official rules stated readers had an extra day to submit their entries, so to be fair we decided to give away a second grand prize, another 80GB iPod Video, and choose the winner at the originally scheduled time, which was 12AM EST this morning. At the stroke of midnight we randomly selected the submission of Edwin L., who will be the second and final grand prize winner of our Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes.
Now that we've got you all hooked on our new and improved podcast, you may find it hard to hear that episode #54 won't be released until next week. All of our energy this week has gone into covering the Detroit Auto Show, which was an incredible success for the site. We hope you enjyoyed the coverage, but the rest of this week will be devoted to getting to know our families again, paying bills and forming our thoughts for the next episode, which we hope to record with all or most of the team that was present at the Detroit Auto Show.

Thanks again for listening to the Autoblog Podcast, and keep your ears peeled for Episode #54 coming next week.

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