Vitamin-C shot: Zolfe Orange supercar on sale next week

We remember reading about the Zolfe Orange last year and we were absolutely smitten with the possibility of it coming into production. Now, we've gotten word that the British startup will begin selling the 'Busa-powered super-coupe next week.

Aside from being TVR-esque and undoubtedly orange, the Zolfe packs a power-to-weight ratio of 113 HP per ton and that's in stock form. The aforementioned 1.3-liter motor, pulled straight from a Suzuki Hayabusa, provides motivation and when mated to a six-speed tranny the Orange can reach 60 in 4.5 seconds. Originally, there was word of a turbo'd mill that would increase horsepower from 175 to 350, dropping the sprint to 60 by a full second, but the bespoke carmaker has decided to give buyers the choice of either 2- or 3-liter Ford-sourced V6s, producing 145 HP and 203 HP respectively.

Pricing will be set at £25,000 and according to Zolfe's owner, Nic Strong, an American buyer has already placed an order for 200 of the orange supercars. We can't wait to see one in person.

[Sources: Pistonheads, Zolfe]

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