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We just showed you a whole gallery full of images of the upcoming Jaguar C-XF concept that is so important to the future of Jaguar. The concept will be seen in the flesh for the first time in Detroit next week, but we hope you're like us and wonder what the "production version" will look like when the new XF (formerly known as the S-Type) finally filters down to the showroom floor. Well thanks to those shutterbugs at KGP Photography, we have a few glimpses at what the future holds. Although the front and rear of this test mule are heavily cloaked, you can see lights, grille and overall shapes from this series of spy photos. And the whole side is relatively naked, showing off the more conventional door handles and smoothed body panels that most expected.

One big difference seems to be the more traditional roofline of the near-production version under the cladding. Closer to a CLS than the C-XF show car, this raised roof should help taller back seat passengers feel more comfortable sitting upright. As we reported previously, the new XF will not use aluminum in its construction to help speed up the production development process and cut costs. The interior should mimic the XK's cockpit, and engines will also be familiar, with the XF-R (?) getting the XKR's 420-bhp supercharged V8. A six-speed automatic also will be standard across the entire model range.

[Source: Winding Road]

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