Mercedes shows Vision GL420 Concept

One more NAIAS preview today. Mercedes will take the wraps off its Vision GL420 concept at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. This particular GL has a more macho grille, flared fenders, 21-inch rims and a big enough fuel tank to give this Bluetec diesel a whopping 1,000 km range. That's 621 miles, folks. Might not sound too impressive until you remember that this huge SUVan packs 290 hp and 516 ft-lbs of torque to move its 7 passengers with style and speed.

So as concept vehicles go, this one might underwhelm a bit until you realize Mercedes might bring this new bodylifted GL over when the Blutec finally hits these shores. So this might in fact be the mildly revised (for the better, we think) GL production vehicle we are looking at. Although it looks a bit like a Mercedes grilled Highlander, the GL-Class is a pretty competent SUV that has garnered its fair share of praise and the Bluetec technology (despite missing out on 50-state approval) promises to make diesels even more attractive in the States.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

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