When the owners of two-ton monsters get together at the annual Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout each November, Sir Issac Newton's laws get put to the test. As evidence, we submit the above video from the 2006 gathering, which pitted Mike Smith's 1995 Impala SS up against Paul Roswell's 1994 Impala SS in the final round of the "Big Dog" bracket.

Both cars run somewhat similar powertrain setups, with each ingesting large amounts of nitrous oxide into LT1-based small-blocks that are punched out to 383 cubic inches. GM's bulletproof Turbo 400 is used to deliver the power out back, where Smith's car hangs a Moser-built Ford 9" rear axle from a custom four-link suspension and Roswell's uses GM 8.5" 10-bolt and aftermarket control arms.

The result, as demonstrated here, is an extremely fast 10.8-second run at nearly 125 MPH for Roswell's 4400lb Impala - and that's the slower of the two. Smith's 4040lb sedan ran the quarter in 9.7 seconds at just over 138 MPH, courtesy of its more extreme engine and suspension setup. More details on these cars -- and several other rather quick gazelles -- are available here.

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