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The first Carnival of Wheels is up!

Some readers may be familiar with the Carnival of Cars, which used to be a weekly occurrence over at Mark Tapscott's automotive blog, Tapscott Behind the Wheel. Behind the Wheel has moved to (where Mark is the editorial page editor) and it's been a while since he's posted a carnival.

A blog carnival, for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, is collection of links to various stories being published by bloggers around the 'sphere. To get involved, one generally needs only to submit a post (or posts) to the carnival organizer to be featured. It's a great way for smaller blogs to get exposure, and for readers, it's a convenient way to catch up on stories they might have missed, as well as being a great place to find new (or new-to-you) blogs to add to your daily reading list.

In the absence of Tapscott's Carnival of Cars, Gary over at The Garage Blog decided to pick up the torch and kick off the Carnival of Wheels, the first edition of which went up New Year's Eve. We encourage you to check it out, and if you're a carblogger (and we know many of you regular readers are), we doubly encourage you to hit Gary's submission form and get involved for edition #2, which should go up next weekend. After all, you never know when a <cough> larger site might send some linky-love the Carnival's way. Speaking as a former carnival regular, that overflow traffic is fun to get on the weekend.

So, make sure you check out the Carnival of Wheels. It's a great way to support other bloggers who share your love of the automobile.

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