Victory Lane: Luxury community will feature on-site road course

Victory Lane is the name given to a 3,000 acre luxury community in Georgia that's geared toward the motorsports enthusiast. Regular Joes need not apply -- according to Andrew Goggin, president of Unlimited Speed, the site's development company, the net worth of most Victory Lane residents will be between $40 and $70 million. That, as they say, is Real Money, and it buys some pretty fantastic four-wheeled machinery for the wealthy enthusiast. The big selling point for Victory Lane is that the community's centerpiece is a 4.5-mile road course located in the center of the development.

It's part of the site's Phil Hill Motorsports Complex, named for the legendary American F1 champion (and longtime contributor to Road & Track), who serves on Victory Lane's board of advisors. Fun fact: the track's mile-long straightaway will double as a runway for private aircraft. Groundbreaking for the track is scheduled to take place in February, and so far, 28 lots have been sold. The track, like the rest of the development, will be totally private. Only Victory Lane residents will be allowed to use it.

This place is an enthusiast's dream come true. Where else are you going to find a gated community that encourages you to drive loud cars very, very fast?

Nice tip, Tim!

[Source: Forbes via RideRoom]

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