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Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #2: Winner announced!

We'll be releasing episode #52 of the Autoblog Podcast later today, but before we do it's time to announce the winner of the Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #2. Congratulations go out to Brandon F. who will soon receive a 2GB iPod Nano in the mail. Brandon's entry was randomly chosen from 195 submissions, a significant increase over the number of submissions we received for the first sweepstakes.
Later today when we publish episode #52 you'll be able to enter the Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #3, the prize of which is the mother of all iPod Nanos, the 8GB Black Nano. Entering the contest is simple and free, just listen to the podcast to hear the secret keyword that will be revealed sometime during the show. When you hear it, email the keyword to abresearch at gmail dot com along with your name, age and email address.

Make sure you subscribe to the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes by clicking here so the next episode is automatically delivered to you when it's released. Click here for the official rules.

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