ART Tuning takes on the CLS350

While we can't say that the stripes and double chin spoiler are our cup of tea, this DTM wannabe CLS by ART Tuning is pretty hot otherwise. Starting with the CLS 350, the ART GTR 374 adds a supercharger and a few exhaust mods to bring horsepower up to 374, naturally. A lowered ride height, courtesy of the ART sport suspension, and upgraded 20" rolling stock complete the mechanical changes.

But the body kit is what makes this CLS stand out. The CLS is a pretty slick sedan to begin with, so the DTM vent flares and giant rear wing seem a little odd at first. But thinking of this as a CLS-DTM makes it seem perfectly logical. We'd say ditch the stripes that scream pony car, and make sure every one of these leaves the shop in silver or black. Maybe matte. Click the read link for a full rundown of the new parts on this ART project, as well as several more full size photos.

[Source: ART Tuning via]

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