None of you probably noticed the we skipped reporting on the release of Ford Bold Moves - Episodes 26. Yeah, we watched it, but its subject matter didn't even register on our Interesting Meter, so we passed. Episode 27, however, entitled Proving our Metal, hits the company pretty hard with the recognition right up front that a large portion of the population still thinks "FORD" is an acronym for "Fix or Repair Daily."

This episode of the Bold Moves web documentary tackles quality issues at Ford, which have admittedly improved by a factor of ten in the past few years. Nevertheless, a bad quality rep sticks like white on rice, and Ford, along with the other domestics, have yet to change many minds. Episode 27, however, just might help. We get to see the beating Ford vehicles take at the company's Arizona Proving Grounds where their durability is tested to the breaking point and beyond. Also on screen is a new way to test a vehicle's durability that can achieve results in the lab after only two weeks versus seven months out in the field.

[Source: Ford Bold Moves]

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