All hail the stickshift! - A website for lovers of the crashbox

We like manual transmissions. We don't like how rare they are these days. Sometimes, we're tempted to act like Stephen Wright and just say "I can't drive automatic." Standard trannies make you feel more in-tune with what the car's doing. Driving is an active passion for us, regardless that everyone else is trying to make it something you do while talking on the phone.
While our passion for driving can border on fanaticism at times, the folks at have totally fallen into the abyss. Their website is full of heartwarming tales of learning to drive a manual shift, odes to the joy of rowing your own and interviews with race drivers and celebrities. It's chock-full of good stuff. If you become a member, they've even got a tips section and a searchable database of who is still equipping their cars with a good old box full o' cogs.

Thanks to tipster amp!

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