Toyota about to brandish the Blade, upscale Auris with 280-hp V6

Nihon Car & Bike is reporting that Toyota will announce an upscale version of the Auris in Japan called the Blade. The vehicle will reportedly have multiple trims, including one with a 280-hp V6 (!). The website happened to run across a parking lot full of Blades while test driving the Auris and snapped an album's worth of pics. From the pictures we can see the Blade has a different front end than the Auris that's sharper with a more traditional grille and aggressive lower front fascia. New wheels and clear taillights are also part of thep package. They report the Blades were being prepared to be shipped by sea, which means the car is destined for markets outside of Japan, though probably not the U.S. Score one for Nihon Car & Bike for the scoop, and we'll bring you more details of the Blade tomorrow after Toyota debuts the vehicle officially.

Follow the Read link to check out additional pics of the Blade, including a side-by-side comparison with a standard Auris.

[Source: Nihon Car & Bike]

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