Freedom Fuels Australia rolling out biofuels

In Australia, biodiesel at the pump is still a rarity, but a Queensland state distributor, Freedom Fuels, is working to change that in opening their latest service station which features their Elite Diesel B20 biodiesel blend. The new service station, on the Warrego Highway between Ipswich and Toowoomba, was opened by Queensland State Development Minister John Mickel.
The Queensland government has been pushing ethanol blended fuels which helps the local sugar cane industry via their $4.8 million Queensland Ethanol Conversion Initiative. The initiative provides support for fuel retailers to offer ethanol blends at the pump and is aimed at boosting consumption of ethanol. Freedom Fuels has taken advantage of the initiative to convert forty of their service stations to offer ethanol blends.

The biodiesel Freedom Fuels provides is produced from oil seed crops and animal tallow feedstocks, but just about any animal fat will do when it comes to producing biodiesel. Ron Steenblik of the Gristmill blog has written a fascinating article covering the ins and outs of lipodiesel, which is produced from liposuction fat.

[Source: Queensland Business Review]

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