Could the liposuction-fat-to-biodiesel business plan be a hoax?

Quite a few columnists and comedians were inspired to comment on the story about a Norwegian businessman and his plan to harvest lipsuction fat for biodiesel fuel. Jay Leno even used it in his monologue. I ran with the story last week but tried to add an element of humor since it was so far-fetched. Turns out the Bodyhack bloggers from Wired followed up on the story, which was carried by UPI in the beginning, and couldn't find any evidence to support this idea.
Kristen Philipkoski, Randy Dotinga and Scott Carney write that the Miami hospital noted in the story hardly does any liposuction work. Also laws regulating medical waste would have to be addressed. The Wired bloggers tried to reach the businessman but were told he was out of the country. Tip of the hat to the Wired trio for their efforts.

[Source: Wired]

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