Suzuki facelifts the MR Wagon

We love talking about kei cars here at Autoblog, and this week brought news of a facelifted Suzuki MR Wagon. naturally, it's not as simple as that, however. Most of the time, a visual refresh is applied to every version of that particular model. In the case of the MR Wagon, it's just one new, specific trim level -- 'Wit" -- that gets the new look. At least for now.

We have no idea if the update will trickle through to the rest of the MRs, but since the Japanese marketplace appears more than able to support an astonishing number of single-model variants, we wouldn't bat an eyelash if they just kept both looks going. The MR Wagon "Wit" gets a more stylized front end, mainly in the form of a grille that incorporates new brightwork and artistically-patterned openings. It also receives a new black-and-brown interior in addition to a package of options that come with the trim level. In that sense, it's a very typical JDM release.

What of the freshened look? When you combine the new face, which also adopts a smile-shaped opening below the front bumper, with the MR's large, bug-eyed headlights, the total effect gives the impression of a happy little car. It kind of looks like a Pokemon, if you ask us; terribly cute and cuddly, which probably bodes well for its sales prospects.

Follow the jump for a link to Suzuki's translated press release, plus several more photos.

[Source; Suzuki]

Click here for the translated Suzuki press release
Suzuki MR Wagon "Wit"

Suzuki MR Wagon XS Limited (for visual comparison)

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