DASH Express: First net-connected GPS device

Although it had its debut in San Diego a couple of months ago, visitors to the CES Show in Las Vegas will get a glimpse of Dash's new internet-connected GPS unit, the Dash Express. What separates the Dash Express from its competitors is that the 2-way internet connection allows drivers to use realtime traffic and construction data to identify the quickest route to a destination. By using data relayed from other Dash units, trouble spots can be identified and avoided. That practically guarantees that you'll get to your end point the quickest possible way.

Another great advantage of the net connection is that you can do net searches for virtually any person, place, or thing and get instantaneous directions to get to it. And you don't have to wait for quarterly, or even monthly updates to the maps and databases. The information can be updated all the time. How cool is that? It should be available in California in Spring 2007. Click through for a schematic showing how the Express route-arounds work.

[Source: Dash via Gizmag]

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