RR of the (forced fed) Week: Poll Results

Most of our time Sunday was spent trying to replace the cat on one of our decrepit rides, and it seems that the combination of exhaust fumes and precious metals caused a temporary lapse in our mental to do list. Change the kitty litter? Check. Make up the Christmas list? Check. Do the RR of the Week Poll Results? Dammit! So without further ado...

We were thoroughly impressed with the diversity of last week's rides, but as always, only one can be the winner. Last week, that honor fell to the 1965 Corvair Corsa turbo convertible during a hard fought battle between the blown Volvo 1800E and the VW Corrado. When we closed the polls, a scant 20 votes separated the Corvair from the Volvo, and at times throughout the weekend, we thought that the Corrado might take the top spot. In the end, you've decided that the ass-engine drop top was the most desirable ride from Forced Induction Week and we can hardly disagree with that decision. Democracy rocks.

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