Drive it like you stole it - Imaginary winter drifting in an AMG Mercedes

Whew! We just got back from beating the hell out of an AMG CL 63. Lurid powerslides defined our drifting technique as we slid the big-power Merc hither and yon, earning points as we went. We surely mangled some shrubbery and even smacked the tail of this beastie off a few hard objects. No matter - unfortunately for us, it was all a game - AMG Wintersporting Drift Competition. It's the latest way to amuse yourself at the 9 to 5 using your company's network bandwidth, all while you pretend to focus on putting the finishing touches on mission-critical PowerPoint decks.

As a marketing tie-in to AMG's über-cool website, this game is a fun little way of endearing the CL63 to those of us who lack the money and/or cojones to mercilessly club one of the big-dollar, big-power coupes in real life -- and in the white stuff, no less. The object is to use the car's power to slide sideways and splatter snow on several "backstops." The more snow you kick up on them, the higher the score. It's fun to shirk your responsibilities and live vicariously through the electron beams in your monitor! Now we need a CL 63 in the metal so we can evaluate how the dynamics of game play match up to reality. These are the types of sacrifices we make for you, dear readers.

Thanks to tipster scp459!

[Source: AMG]

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