Car and Driver 10 Best for 2007

In round number 25 of the toughest job in journalism, the editorial staff at Car and Driver has gathered at the secret camp located in the middle of some of the greatest roads in the Midwest. Struggling through the daunting task of evaluating the coolest cars available in these United States, they grind through an entire week behind the wheel. Fortunately, its only about 30 miles from the Car and Driver offices, so tents and campfires are not part of the event.

The criteria are very clear. Last year's winners are automatically invited back to defend their title. Eligible vehicles must be all-new or substantially upgraded for 2007. Each car gets only one shot at making the list, but once they win they could stay on the list for several years as long as they successfully defend the category win. This year, all vehicles had to be priced under $71,000, or 2.5 times the average transaction price of a new vehicle, and be on sale no later than January 2007. The manufacturer must also deliver a representative example to the camp for evaluation.

The Car and Driver 10 Best for 2007 are:

For specifics on each vehicle, read the article.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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